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History and Philosophy of Science and Technology
Lucia Dacome

HPS318 January 22, 2013 History of medicine from antiquity to renaissance Keywords Apollo - Healing god in ancient Greece. Cause of plague in opening in the illiad, Apollo upset Asclepius - Another god of healing, his prescence in number of archeological remains and together with daughters and story son of Apollo he survived Apollo killed mother and raised bu euchareon and taught how to use herbs and how to heal and some stories he stretches it and resurrects people and heals for money another version resurrecting people for money Works and days - Hesiod he mentions disease result of harmony between humans and gods. When golden age ended and Prometheus stole fire from gods. Disease is landmark end of golden age and story of humanity is story of degeneration promethues steals fire from gods and gives to humans Incubation - Healing practice related to sleeping and dreaming occurring in asclepuan temples Alcmaeon - Taught by pythygoras idea health idea of harmony, democracy and health and Athens has democracy. Democracy harmony of cosmos of various parts. Harmony in body and health. Bc health result balance of elements and monarch one element ruling the others - Disease disharmony Hip oath - Part of hip corpus - Establishes code of behavior defines lines of legitiamnt and illigemetan Nature of Man - Standardized theory of humours - Not immediate 4 humors - Most emphasis on phlegm and bile yellow bile and black bile variation of yellow and then independent - 4 humors and main humors bases of balance of body and define health - Idea people aftwards among galen as this treatise as the standard and poepole think in terms of 4 humors Topics Humors - Snese of balance - One task is to restablish balance - Disease breaking of balance and physicians intervene - Opposite cures the opposite - Out of balance bc excess of cold in our body someone will have to give us something warm, same for moisture and find - Like shoemakers bc they cut and sew to make something sound - Doctors observe patients body carefully – traces lack of balance appear on surface of the body like face columns - They examine external signs – revealing like urine – color of urine and constirincy – detect signs that come out of body symptom of health or sickness - And wax in peoples ears - Pay attention to nutrition – nutrition dietics are center in western tradition - Different food different elements have different qualities some food cold some dry some moist some warm - Too warm eat cooling food Dietectis - One distinguishing feature of greek medicine - Specifically bc of this reasons dietecits is central to healin g - Dietects not just food - Entire form of regime – regime French is diet - En Prognosis - Predict outcome of the disease - How predict it - Through observation of signs and symptoms and understanding of the causes - Indi prognosis - Every diseases is created by specific loss of balance spec to every ind prognosis is individual inference important part of doctors practice establish authority and credentials – not look good at least in ancient period - Nothing wrong with not intervening bc can lose credentials - Approp methods - One is dieting - Sometimes - Cutting - And blood letting - Idea is defined in nature of man – one of standard treatise of hipp practice - List of points where can bleed not bleed to close to part of body infected - Idea should be careful if too weak think twice - Dieticts observation diagnosis and prognosis – then prescribe food surgey may do bloodletting and prescribe drugs - Drugs same principla as food – loss balance to much wet take remedy of dry In sum - Allopath is opp Poly - Fluid body - Bones are solid body is liquid - Skinis very pourus lots of exchange with external world - Image of perfectly balacen body sculptor polycletus - Statues estanlish and ideal - Ideals of beauty idea of beauty idea of health - Some philo beauty and in beauty is health The plague of Athens - Not made by physican but by historia - Thucy is contempory of plague – two instance 426 bc - Is to our knowledge only direct witness writing about it - Not writing about healing - Applications of same principals of healing - Concerns are moral disease can devastate a society – break normal social interaction to stop complying with norms and laws - Stop participating in social rituals like funereal rituals same time – conern of citizen which he lives
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