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University of Toronto St. George
History and Philosophy of Science and Technology
Lucia Dacome

HPS318 January 29, 2013 Islamic medicine The review - Analyses not just a summary - Not just report what author is telling us, engage in authors argument some questions meant to help you for it - What is the subject - Views that we might not find agreeable or persuasive - May be flaws in their argument - Sources and evidence can also be positive and with reservations Keywords Thucydides - Historian wrote about the plague of Athens and gives us an account the reflects medical views, his concern plague challgnes social and moral bonds like funereal rights. Describes plague in humoral tradition. Alexandria - City in egypyt funded alexnder the great large library center of knowledge, ruled later own ny ptolemys key on patronage of knowledge fund museum and libray the place hipp corpus, medical treatises put together, role of librariarn by bringing together text catalouging them a copy of every available loss of alexandria so tragic. Herophilus - Greek doctor in alexandria one of first to engage in human anatomical dissections and compares to animal anatomy in Alexandria see anatomy carried out Erasistratus - Say environment in Alexandria, saw the body as a living mechanism. Different from before te humoral nature very fluid texture of the body. By looking at body the body Is a living mechanism and dieases is not lakc of balance of humors but mechanical disruption Cato the elder - In rome, against the new greek medicine and wanted to stay with religion, idea the latin world has own tradition and wave of greek culture pervading rome bring alonf greek doctors rome won battle lost culture role everything in rome is greek, he says greek synomynous affecting the integreating roman tradiations – around court greek playwrights doctors and importance of presence of greek doctors such as galen and being a doctor meant greek and greek a doctor Melancholic - Physical and Mental state black pile is dominate – meleancholic more mental state later development – tmepermant predominance of black bile Simples - Simple is a proptery of a remedy some herbs that are suppose to have qualities that are simple and put together, simple is basic unit mixed into compounds– herbs cure imbalance by opposite The roman empire - At the end of it - Spread of monotheistic religions spread of chrisitiantiy – constane converts to christianit - Granted voctiry through sign of cross and beginning of christian age in rom an empire - 324 capital from rome to constanipole – the capital of new christian byzantine - Julian rejected chrisitianity - Bringing capital there roman empire divided into two - Western divided into number of kingdoms eastern is under same jurisdiction - Language of empire is latin at local level many languages - Divcison of two worlds one speak latin and one speak greek 476 - The end of roman empire - World not talk to each other as easily as used to - Formation of Islamic kingdom that speak Arabic - Latin world greek world and large world speak Arabic - Consequences hoe knoeldeg is acquired put together and interpreted and shared Continuity - Number of variance – tradiaition is very galenic humoral medicine - Galenic combined with Aristotle - Consolidation – change in continuity emergence with encyclopedia medical ones - Works bring together passages from earlier writings - All writings and create new text - Draw of previous knowledge and draw something new - One text rather then so mnay and concentrate knowledge - Condensed view acquire it better - Pergamon important encyclopedia - One emeperor reject Christianity - Writes number of them a lot lost some have - Heiracrhy emperor son and friend Aegina - In Alexandria - Still and important medical center - What happens is a compendium of galenic treatise - Most important passages and bring t
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