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History and Philosophy of Science and Technology
Lucia Dacome

LECTURE 5 KEYWORDS:  James Keill – formulate results of santorio santorio experiment, part of Newtonian physics, body is machine;flowing of fluids, no obstruction. If you follow me you can do it to yourself  The English Malady – Cheyne’s book on nervous disorders  Sensibility - new model of the body outside nervous model, emphasis on the nerves, for good health, the reactivity of the nerves is sensibility, cultural aspect also interconnected – health is related to our effective life  Bedlam – mental hospital in England, had coercive practices  Lockean self – idea that human mind is malleable, the idea of self and personal identity- self –(identity)- gather awareness of self as we sense and perceive and conscious memory  Moral therapy – thanks to the malleability of the mind, we can recover – physicians at st luke endorsed this therapy. Impose a discipline of living to take control of themselves, and exercise to manage their body they will regain control of their mind  Phillipe Pinel – advocated moral therapy approach, in France- in large institutions – freed patients from chains; builds on botany to introduce classification of mental disorders. Have body of knowledge- that can be used as well. WOMEN AND MEDICINE ROLE OF WOMEN IN MEDICINE  Before, focused on learning medicine and books th  Feminist movement- strong in 70s and 80s, century – why marginalization of women in knowledge and medicine – want to give back visibility to women  Virginia Woolf – gather archival work about women o Encouraged more visibility for women to give more information about them o Challenge how information was written  Haraway – the view that the world is subjective, all knowledge is from a point of view  Kelly-Gadol – idea of the self, period of art – when did this happen for women? o Did women have a renaissance? NO! o Economic and political events do not apply to women that occurred in the Renaissance. o Call into question the accepted schemes of periodization and how historical events affected differently o Monastery and uni
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