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History and Philosophy of Science and Technology
Lucia Dacome

L ECTURE 8-M EDICAL S CIENCE R ISE OF LABORATORY MEDICINE  When medicine became scientific  Two major categories; hospital and laboratory medicine- Landmarks of modern medicine. o Hospital medicine- led to new view of the body and collection of symptoms  Open space ; patients and families allowed to enter and cook. o Laboratory medicine- explain body on cellular level, and describe its function as dynamic processes, by means of physiology and chemistry  Lab is a defined space and theory, methodology and technology  Drive towards measurement  Experiment is the landmark of laboratories.  Very private, regulated spaces  Ex. Leibig’s Lab –  New labs had more structure  Shift in the medical representation of medical practitioners  Increasing use in instruments and measurement; and silencing of patients. F ROM THE BODY TO PARTS IN THE CELL  Theodor Schwann – 1838- cell placed at the centre of life- cell is basic living unit  Rudolph Virchow- cellular pathology- cell is basic foundation for scientific medicine. o All diseases result from the
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