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History and Philosophy of Science and Technology
Lucia Dacome

Lecture 4  Physicians directed their medical treatment to the nervous system and would say the nervous system is week, and create a language that the patients will understand and the case history  Will see nerves coming into the communication between patients and doctors  18 century writiers- Austen, Sterne popularized the medical notion of sensibility in their novels  Sensibility- drew on contemporary medical debates and focused their writings on the notion of sensibility  Contributed to the creation of reading public that was a response to the affective ___  Idea that there is a sensible body emerging – readers could apply their emotions to these ideas  Women were supposed to enjoy and higher degree of sensibility than men,- this century is about women, but fear that they could become feminine  Sensibility became a model of a positive model and be empathic  Sensible body became the object of new treatments aimed
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