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History and Philosophy of Science and Technology
Marga Vicedo

JHE353 DEC 5, 2012 Flaws with eugenics – Racial suicide Carback – women in states sterilized most famous case, bc judge passed sentence most famous judges in the us put sentence 3 generations of imbeciles is enough and justified the sterilization, one of gretest minds in legal history and liberal (surprises) stepehn j gould looked at records and at grades and little none catologoued at imbeciles. Important case exemplifies the alck of real evidence in own terms the flaws of these programs and not in exam Things that are necessary but time and fits well include it Is social Darwinism the same as eugenics – many historians do include both in samae pot and text move into that direction, ask her not really social Darwinism, social Darwinism is set of ideas defends we sould not take care of poor or pass measures to take care of those less fit, approach is hands off evo proceed as it does and follower of spencer and not pass measures help less fit propagates the existence rather then lead evo to weed out, eugenics is goal of reproductionall tried to improve pop that is fit common goal fittest members, common goal no degenerates or considered unfit way do it is different. Sense social Darwinism is factors lead to rise of eugenics – what does oncreases the concern of all the race or group is unift going down, concern of degeneration, right at same time as eugenics and help are same not really What was eugenics – large question comb of short – see in structure what is important – last two good contenders – name supporters etc – davenport wide support from university presidents and us presidents in general – areas of infleucne imm indfleucne – sterilization, educational programs to encourage or discourage, the army, paul lambardo – eugenic laws, taught in schools influencing both peoples vies of post and neg eugenics and approach entering inst like the army recruits given mental test to assess ability, sterilization, pop views exemplified in family fitter contest, fittest baby, major areas of influence. Nazi influence. Under sterilization cover us and Canada as well as nazi germnay how directly infleuced bc superindent of eugenics office met with influential politicians in germnay ideas already had looking for support Main factors rise and demise – the decay , by allen as well as carson social origins as well as sci ideas both factors, concern of fitness of pop, mendelian genetics and inheritance closing door of how much environmental change can infleucen group. Demise Did Darwin have ade thory – no Main critiscm – blending, even if any variation able to raise fitness of indi it will be lost, mix black and white get grey, any new variation would be swarmed Mendels work and explanation and sig of – related, Explanin mendel sig in biology – no blend ingeritance and passed on to offspring, ecplantion variation and inheritance of traits. Disproving and blending inheritance, trait first gernation not see recessive see in second generation reappear. The factors elementrary or genes they don’t blend bc trait reappers in second genrtation. Showed patterns of inheritance, if see is different not clear call for explanation pattern repeats 3 to 1 unlikely to happen by chance – proposed patterns of inherticance how are pass follow certain patterns. Proposed mechanisms – wrinkles or roiund peas proposed mechanism other lable of germ cell accounts for what observe at phenotypic l
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