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History and Philosophy of Science and Technology
Marga Vicedo

JHE353 DEC 3, 2012 TH MORGAN Not need to know modern synthesis Page 1 – 5 topics Ta’s name on book review - Group encountering variation – what Darwinian variation is - Flies supposed to have eyes red but white eyes, straight wings what are bent, 1000 of flies variation - Abnormality in abdomininm - Just starting to see chromosomes that s later this group is looking at phenotype the observerble characterisitics - Cumalitve evidence only explanation at observarbale level is making assumption chromosomes separate and align themselves and close and tight and go one over the other and break and have gentic marial from the other one - Cytology starting to be discovered and found explained phenotyoe - Not seeing where genes are, quantity of mutants find and calculate what kind of breaks and relative breaks in genes calculating one place is near the other then other bc amount of breaks they can hypothesize don’t know where it is just know one is close - Eventually have maps with microscopes powerful enough to see chromosomes - Salivary glands with giant chromosomes - Better correlation between phentotype and genetic structure - Whateve explanisn inheritance is in the nucleus of the cells - Early work with drosophila in Columbia done by undergrads factors hypothesize – chromosome theory of mendelian genetics is established - Work real physical basis for breeders and figure out patterns of inheritance - They know mendelism is here to stay - Modern synthesis of mendel and Darwinian is combination of studies - One continuous variation and mendel continius variation - Morgan group finds relation between geno and phenotype - Could be discrete genes but several genes infleucning one characterisitic - Label of phenotype could be continuous and not blending of genes they are separate but many effecting one phenotupe - Matter is discrete and mendel at deiscrete things - Make distinction what see and imperative - Not one gene one charatceristcs not bi calculation there is a relationship what is much more complex - Several genes diff combination infleuning ince charactesitics - Could make 3 things combined model - Could see continuous characteristics and have mendelian genetics - Math model of gene freq in diff pop to explain changes phenotype level - 20 century mid look at population level – population genetics – changes in gene frequencies - Pop big change in gene freq is evolutionary change - Dolzanaky levels of pop - 1940s the modern synthesis - See conflict can be made compatiable Review What was eugenics – to control rep from removing unfit individuals from pop, improvement of group or pop by controlling reproduction. And positive and negative, dimmishing present unfit indi and encouraging reproduction those encourage fit What were post and negative eugenics – one is encouraging fit indivia in pop and other is dicourgaing or intro measures eliminating the unfit Social factors – immigration rise same time industrialization and urbansitation leading to social problems – karlan allen social orgin of eugenics – mechanizlation of argtriculture and immigration and us the African immigrating from the south and what is quality of the groups, southern spainards taking over things that belon
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