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History and Philosophy of Science and Technology
Marga Vicedo

JHE353 NOV 26, 2012 LECTURE Review question for final exam – same shape and form – review the questions – so canceling tutorials Unfit human traits - If all marriages eugenic then breed out infitness in three generation - Three assertions, inherited and run in families - And marriages eugenic breed them out - Crimilati insanity and alchoslm – unfit human traits – based on result or infleucne of the environment. Simplistic view of hereditary - First point – what is a trait – if divide pop into traits – is crimialuty a trait – can be billionaire today and poor tomorrow – can you divide these things – also this traits may not be nfite – drug dealers may do very well - What does unfit, is this a trait - If traits highly subjective, what is poor varies asia Africa etc - Many oeple who think are criminals getting bonuses - Run in families and are inherited – could run in families but nothing to do with inheritance - What is eugenics marriage is consider biology of your partner - Positive encouraging better genes and negative removing negative chare
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