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History and Philosophy of Science and Technology
Marga Vicedo

JHE353 NOV 19, 2012 Heredity - Heritable variation exist - Characeristics are past on - 3 - How does variation arise - And how is variation past on to offspring?how is it inherited - What tyoe of variation does selection act upon - Blending inheritance - Mix and passed on to children – natural law oversees this process of heredity - Means variation must be real not abstract concept but real and existing I individual Blending inheritance - Mixing of gemmules 1867 - Scottish engineerjenkin - Wrote long review of origin of species used blending inheritance to argue against natural selection - If acted on favor variation then only favorable variation would be passed on - Blending argues traits from both parents passed on - Fast and slow cheetah the fast trait disappears - How does work natural selection most fav traits - As soon arrive they are blended away Jenkin - Washed out - Single fav traits not perpuatated - May blend with less fav - How fav variation be preserved - Darwin on blending and natural slection would go away - Soon emerge they disappear - Jenkin giving much a lot of trouble his crit allowed Darwin to rethink hereditary - Demonstrate variation not disappear Variation of animals and palnts - First volume vvariation among dedmoestica breeds - Section is idea of pnagenics Darwin theory - Only in book variation not in orgin - Not logically important for natural selction all argue was vvariation existed and is past on how it works was not necessary - Darwin all aout mechanics, - More lamarckin stance - Made fun of Lamarck but Jenkins critsm maybe some thngs - Pangenics where is heredity stored - Ind different small particles Darwin called gemmule – heart shape - And diffused through body - And conception make to sperm and egg and blend - Blond hair and black hair not mized maybe on dominated - Argue instance gemmule dominatne the other one - Tall from male and short from mother, tall gemmule dom Darwins cousin - Galton - Major crti against darwins pangenics - Scientific racist - On average African blacks inferior to European whites - Argued env factors not account for racial differences - Env not casue racial difference - Eur white still have sense of décor not make env effects racial environment - Humans not modify hereditby by use or disuse - Disctinction hard a
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