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History and Philosophy of Science and Technology
Marga Vicedo

JHE353 NOV 5 2012 TUTORIALDescent of Man 1871Darwins attempt to merge his view of slavery sex and raceMain argumentsTwo main arguments 1 human descenthumans evolved from an ape like ancestorMillions of years ago in the past and all human races from keep in mind most people believed humans were specialy created and did so to cast doubt on special place2 sexual selection intrasexual and intersexual how to account for characteristics that seem contrary to survivalWhich Darwin devoted a chapter in prigin of species to account between male and female gender in humansWhen published origin of species not talked about origin of man challenging man occupied special place In nature Every living thin evolved from something what about mans special placeNo mention on common apelike ancestor or possibility man also evolved from another ancestorIssue was unsettling for naturalists who read DarwinDuring his publication it sat in the background of slavery and human classification how can we classify human beingsMajor differences between ethnic backgroundsAre races varieties of same species or completely differentInterbreeding argued one speciesSome extremists who said different species no longer capable of interbreedingArgument for slaveryAll things happeningAnthrop society rejected Darwins view on slavery Argued slavery was natural outcome of Darwins theoryWhen classify them Classify species on evo scale can but Africans lower scale of being with savages and apes then distinguished civilized menscientific racismgave justificiation for hierarchal classificationFittest races Background context Released another book descent of manand selection in releation to sextwo things descent of man and selection in relation to sexRead as two separate booksNatural selection common ancestry adaptation struggle for existenceworks on common ancestry
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