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History and Philosophy of Science and Technology
Marga Vicedo

JHE353 OCT 10, 2012 CHARLES DARWIN 1809-1882 - Existence of wide cariety of life how to organize it to take account the natural organzition - Another problem many organisms or most of them are pretty well adapted or designed to where they live, cacti in the desert and other places adaptive to particular circumstance seems to require an explanation - Main explanation put forward, most influential by William paley - William paley rant - Still powerful and still used for creationists who don’t believe in natural selection and Darwin had to provide an alternative for - Against stone and ask how to be there – answer lay there forever - Find a stone walking why is it here always here - But what about finding a watch – establishing this analogy – provide explanation for stone but for watch not same answer bc two objects not analogus – watch is more complex – intrincities - One eleeents many parts - And those parts are arranged in a way that are functional a finctional interigtry – the object does what it is suppose to do – not chance that they came together - That that object accomplishes a goal implies a creator – it was put together for that purpose - Postulate a designer - Page 45 - Parts not always exist in a system but parts developed to give advabtage for the organism and over time mna
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