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University of Toronto St. George
History and Philosophy of Science and Technology
Marga Vicedo

JHE353 SEPT 12, 2012 History of biology After world war 2 his of science existed Started by scientist after they retired Their own perspective of their field History of the ideas Neurons specific things, discoveries Focus on big guys, and or major ideas why look at the bad ideas, very partial - Solid background on science on which you are writing about - History expanded it like what were the factors, economic, not always big labs or grants - Factors develop of science, system of organized knowledge - Did it matter about sex women or men, no women why not and how affect science that was done - Beyond development of ideas - Who is paying for the science and what does it mean - No breast cancer - Science was done by the wealty - Indian vs Canadian - How have we came to the science today what explains one idea better then the other - Last 40 to 50 years - First done by amateur like Darwin who had money - Now science is don’t by professional - History of science done by amateurs then paid - Larger context and if it has an influence or not - What kind of factors are important to explain this - Divine intervention now evolution - However different the answer, questions are the same, - Question Einstein and anyone confronts - My thoughts – where am I, how did I get here, how did this arise, - She says – first thing or second – one thing clear look out there, the huge amount of stuff that there is - The huge amount of organisms - If want to study them organize it if not cant find anything - Mindset of the ancients not different then today - General problem is organize what is the best way to organize - Is according to your own subjective organization, organize it according to your needs - Problem with that if ask to bring shorts for running cannot find them bc organize how makes sense to you - Organize music accrdoign to mood no one will be able to find anything, - Not a problem if live alone, but it is if want to create system for a community - Most important for community for science is what community has accepted - Science set of beliefs in community, not works for you and not for you neighbor - Need communicability - Internet how they organize huge amount of information 1) Does it matter 2 major puzzles - First problem, problem of diversity how understand it and begging how organize it - Decide some give away some don’t fit - Organztion is not the and but a lot of things first thing Second - When alien comes world is cery very striking, the fact of adaptation, go to cave they are blind what a coincidence that they are blind - Where trees are tall animals have long neck, by chance? - Two things strike is variability and with variablilty and
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