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History and Philosophy of Science and Technology
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Marga Vicedo

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JHE353 SEPT 19, 2012 Paid for military or for resources or market places economic reasons People got paid before hand, like colubus paid to go from spain to get spices not for e geography Peoples stuff was lost like Wallace ship capsized and lost years of work Linnawus - 1707-1778 - From swededn - Father of modern taxonomy Contd - With john ray not settle what is a good explanation - Epistemiology how do we know the world what counts as evidence - How evaluate what is good experiment or bad - Predict things – if that was it evolution would go out the window bc it cant predict anything - John ray looking at organaztion and find criterian to classify the world according to an intrinsic feature of the world - Ray comes to conclusion such adapatiaon call it design he postulate god to explain that - Linneaus said someone will figure this out - The garden reflects the organzition - Made several trips many notebooks of observations he made and collecting plants to bring back Cclass - Asked to classify the queen of swedens collection he is showing the wealth of the growing showing off her collection - Including a still borne baby, interests in novelty things that were strange Books - Published a lot demarcariztion of natural history not only writing in latin which only in educated people could understand - Natural history activity any one could to nt need extensive training - Flora lapponica - Famous on is systema natvrae – system he is after – 19 science is more then observation starts to provide reasons - Nature as if we weren’t around the intrinsic order of the world System of nature - Classification was an end to itself - Concept of divine design was at the heart fo it - Joke if he put us in a world we couldn’t make tails or heads of - God is good so made humans ability to understand - To organzition need a unit - Unit is spec
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