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History and Philosophy of Science and Technology
Marga Vicedo

JHE353 SEPT 10, 2012 - Idea that not builds on one area but a lot of fields - Builds into development from many fields and to many fields - Developing means synthesis from a variety of filds Next - New conception of natural world and place of humans in it - The history of life slide - Relationship of organisms have changed thought we were at top - Survivor and reproduction some organsism do it better so we aren’t on top Next - Also development of science - Science different then before - Darwin rich guy doing nothing and looking at fossils - Different science like a novel but novel is work of fiction - Darwin is a story, narration - Science not always been the same - Not make predictions so make models - Like economics many numbers not predict much Next - Changed fundamental ways of how we think - Like progress, before progress was given the world will improve by god but not - Utopia no change bc world is perfect only change for the worse - Wi
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