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HIS311Y1 Summer - introduction

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Monday, May 16, 2011
Prof. C. Pennington
Lecture 1: Introduction
905-626-4052 (cell)
416-978-2629 (office)
SS 3080 Mon + Wed 9-10am
TA: Dave Gall
we will almost always stay for the full 2 hrs
favourite course to teach
Blackboard does not have information up yet
preferred to call cell phone (wife is also Chris) only during urgent situations
UofT Scarborough is preferred but it will be deactivated on June 30 - if all else fails contact at personal email
do not hesitate to contact him about anything
Dave will be writing tutorials starting next week - Wednesdays only (between 12-4)
1st tutorial no readings, but he will explain marking and structuring essays
two books you need for tutorial: Empire to Umpire and course reader at the bookstore at the end of May
PP slides will not be posted on Blackboard - you must be here!
10% of grade
June 27
during 1st hr of office
2nd hr will be office hrs
How well you are absorbing lectures - this is a lecture based course - not obliged to know information from
tutorials for the purpose of exams
only things talked about in lecture and Power Point slides will be on the test
10-12 topics: specific phrases likeSouth African war
will always be a topic highlighted on PP slides
you must choose and provide short answers to 4 topics
identify + explain the significance of the topic (names, dates, and how is it significant)
1/2 pg. to 1 page single-spaced per answer (general rule) pref. to write double-spaced if youre messy
bonus section up to 2.5 marks comprised of pictures from the power slides
can’t study for them, you either know them or you don’t
one picture is usually a given
in theory you can get 42.5/40 in your midterm
if you do well w/explanation but not so well w/identification you may still get an OK mark
Essay assignments
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