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HIS311Y1 - Lecture 4

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HIS311Y1 - Lecture 4
MacDonald's "National Policies' 1867-1896
- MacDonald's task was to build the nation after it was formed in 1867
Sir John A. MacDonald (1815-1891)
- Leader of the Liberal-Conservative party 1854-91
- Prime Minister of Canada, 1867-73, 1878-91
- MacDonald was an alcoholic (in a lesser sense)
- would spend 14-16 hours of day working
- he believed that a coalition of english and french would be important in government
- did not support representation of population, or confederation itself, at first
- foremost concern was getting re-elected and keeping the country together
Confederation, 1864-1867
- Charlottetown and Quebec, 1864
- Fenian Raids, 1866
- Battle of Ridgeway (held in Ontario)
- purpose was to pressure Britain to relinquish it's hold on Ireland
- B.N.A. Act, 1867
- a British document
- was the Canada constitution
- "new nationality"
- 30% of population spoke French
- Canada was not in charge of its own foreign affairs, Britain still handled that
Canada and the 'North American Trangle'
- The British Empire
- 25% of the world
- 'white man's burden'
- 'slendid isolation', not to be drawn into the wars of outher countries
- The United States
- 'manifest destiny'
- 'no entangling alliances'
The Conduct of 'Canadian foreign policy' in the late 19th century (timeline of ruling body over
- Queen Victoria
- British Prime Minister
- British Cabinet
- British PArliament
- Foreign and Colonial Offices
- Governor-General
- Canadian Prime Minister
- Canadian Cabinet
- Canadian Parliament
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