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21 Jun 2011

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“Sunny Ways”: The Laurier Years, 1896-1911
*wrap up of McD period from last class*:
The Loyalty Election of 1891:
-first election with specific issues of foreign policy – trade relations with US major
issue between the two running parties
-McD stuck with national policy (unfavorable); high tariffs (tariff war) hostility
between the two countries therefore tried to shut out US goods to make CNDN
goods worth more
-Liberals (Laurier) go for unrestricted reciprocity- free trade (unlmtd) with US;
concerns: risky to trade freely with US, would US be more competitive (closing
CNDN businesses) or taking over CNDN culture?
-Very ugly campaign
-Farrer Phamplet incident:
-Edward Farrer, Editor of Toronto Globe (leading Liberal Journalist), wrote secret
pamphlet to secret friends in US about how to annex Canada into US, was
discovered by McDonald who reveals it at a public event and exposes it as the
Liberal party’s secret plan
-McD defeats Libs
-Anti-american feeling running high, Lib-party hurt- they drop reciprocity 2 yrs
-Close election, 54%/46% in favour of Conservative
*end, Laurier era begins*:
‘The First Canadian’:
-first French Cndn prime-minister, event of important significant – shows possible
that French Canadians were not only 2nd class citizens
-Laurier showed quality of both English and French (loved Brit culture and values
and Great Brit itself)
-Embodied best of both races, therefore dubbed first Canadian by newspapers
-Laurier stood for Cndn autonomy within the Empire
-Wanted to reserve right to control its participation in imperial expeditions
Laurier and the British Empire:
-maintained McD’s National Policy but institutedpreferential tariffs, 1897”
-lower tariffs for Cnda as Brit colony giving competitive edge over US
-suggested that Laurier partial to Britain
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