HIS102Y1 Lecture Notes - Putney Swope, Carnivalesque, Sears

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27 Jul 2011
HIS316H1 - Lecture 4
- politicians offered testimonials back in the day to offer assurance of products
- clergymen as well
- they were edited
back to the carnivaleque style in general
- where did it go? victim of its own excess
- food and drug act
- encompassed that what a patented medicine claimed, had to be true
- the medicine section began to tone itself down
- the rise of department stores, and branded goods soon superceeded the carnivaleque
- ad agency placed ads, didnt write them until they took over, which prompt decline in
- wrigleys gum kept the style for a while
- Ballyhoo was a popular magazine of the day (satirized), along with MAD magazine, both did ad
- brashness of the carnivalesque style
- Putney Swope (underground classic movie, dir: Robert Downey Sr, his father)
Department store
- lecture based on William Loach's "Land of Desire"
- they brought lots of ordinary and other people in one place
- north american department stores got big in the 70s and 80s
- ex: Eaton's, Wanamaker's, Bloomingdale's + Macy's, Marshall Field, Filene's (named
after their entrepreuners)
- they made many of its founders millionaires
- commericial aestetic: to awaken longing, desire and entice
- the use of colour, glass and lighting, attach glamour to products
- newspaper ads, show windows, electrical signs, fashion shows, special consumer
- show windows: back to 1889, to make foods enticing or tell a captivating story
(Baum was the master of show windows, brought theater)
- fashion show: came from Paris
- environments: Japanese gardens, Christmas spectacles
1) aquisition and consumption: acheiving happiness
2) the cult of the new: the effort to entice people, reject custom, relish new experiences, aquiring
new goods
3) democranization of desire: self-pleasure and self-fulfillment (transformation)
4) increase the importance of money
- works in terms of biopolitics
Mail order catalog
- Canadian Tire ad (trying to make it seem as part of the experience, Canadian life, catalog so
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