HIS102Y1 Lecture Notes - Albert Lasker, Claude Hopkins, Hard Sell

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27 Jul 2011

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HIS316H1 - Lecture 5
The Rise of the Advertising Agency 1870-1920
Selling space
- cheif agent of a consumer society
- had no copywriters, and others, but they had media buyers
- only placed media (bought space in papers), not create
- overcharged the advertising, undercharged the newspaper
- in 60s, went to 500 million by 1890
The revamped agencies
- George Rowell: ammassed information and would sell it to the advertisers
- finding out what media would work best as vehicles of sale
- Francis Ayer
- both had their own agencies
- created "open contract": dealings between ad man and advertisers
- J W Thompson
- focused on magazine
- study of what products were advertised in what media
- they start writing ads in early 1900's
- copywriters then
- John E. Powers
- a famous copywriter, chief of Winnebackers
- reforms the hard sell, plain speech
- Earnest Elmo Calkins
- copywriter, advocate of art and design, the "look"
- found the best artists
- Albert Lasker
- account executive
- began to buy up the agency by 1904
Soft sell and Hard sell
- hard sell: repetition to gain attention (on tv), loud, flickering
- Superga shoes: trying to be different
- - phillips neatherland, "catching the theif", surveillance systems
- soft sell: flowery music, imagery, woo the consumer
- Peugeot "Kim Bassinger", 1998, UK
- each type would trade as to which was the more prominent
- most back with patented medicine were hard sells (health)
- became a common style amongst retail stores, etc, using plain speech (prices, uses, etc)
- Arrow Shirt Collar campaign
- emphasis Arrow brand and male masculinity
- Four Cereal
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