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HIS102Y1 Lecture Notes - Palomino, Utopia

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HIS316Y1 - Lecture 7
Ad Photography
- this is the equivalent of "the reason why" strategy
- the photos should possess strength in expression, should almost talk, should be transparent, no
confusion, simplicity
- photos could be used to represent symbolism, action. Could replace words
- example #1 from class notes: image of face by Modigyany
- woman becomes an object for females, capable to passion and lust
- the artist aestetic
- the realistic aestetic
- reason why: this is what youll do or have to do to accomplish what happens in the commercial
- Arthur MacCluen
- was one of the first to recognize the erotic sell
- much of his work was based on Froyd's philosophy
- did not adopt a consistent technique to analyze an ad
- ads for analysis:
1 (palomino): the representation of class with the horse and woman's outfit, the beauty of
the horse and the woman, woman appears coy and playful juxtaposition with a
male horse; the ad was talking about rape (what MacCluen stated), word Palomino was heading
towards the woman's rear, horse has double meaning as symbol of strength and
manhood. Juxtaposition of stallion and woman that suggests brutal violation.
2 (Bond Clothes): plain speech, personality, masculine, fear of homophobia; attention to
the cigar, fallic symbol
3 (Lord Calvert): glass always in right hand (left not regarded as correct), glass of
whiskey is large, what you are that counts, what you consume is what you are
4 (Buick): pin-up idea, process of display, car as a womb?/fallic power symbol
Television ad of the 1950s
- end to rise of the image
- USP (unique selling proposition)
- had a tone of earnest enthusiasm, products are acutally good, no irony
- present America as a utopia
- television began to take over as the main medium for national brand advertising
- a lot of irratants, people did not like the hard sell or medicine and drug ads
- too many ads, but generally accepted ads as the price to pay for free tv
Cigarette Product Commericals
- Lucky Strike cigarette ad
- Old Gold
- Muriel cigars
- Kool cigarettes
- Marlboro: guy fixing car
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