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Published on 29 Jan 2013
Lecture 5: Wednesday October 19, 2011
Female Husband, Male Daughter
Female Husbands
1. The female husband does not necessarily indulge in sexual relations with her
2. The wife of the female husband can chose or be assigned male partners for pro-
creational purposes
a. The role of the female husband could have been enjoyed and required
over other women could be a wife and a female husband
3. Most likely the payment is in regards to bride wealth
4. It is most common in areas where women could acquire and control wealth, in
their own right, whether by employment or property, etc.
5. Where rights and beauties were inscribed in social structure can be cut away
6. Particularly in the woman in West Africa, it was closely associated with the need
for labour
7. It could come through inheritance
8. It was also common in arrangements where barrenness was seen as a real issue
in society
Gendering is a hierarchical institution of economic, social, and political systems
and is indicated in the transfer of wealth and power
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