HIS102Y1 Lecture Notes - Lecture 1: Kangxi Emperor

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Published on 27 Mar 2018
Defining the terms: Empires, Encounters, Exchange
͞Empires: How do we define it?͟
a political unit, usually larger than a kingdom and often comprising a number of territories or
nations, ruled by a single supreme authority
An extensive group of states or countries ruled over by a single monarchy, an oligarchy or a
sovereign state supreme political power over several countries when exercised by a single
An extensive sphere of activity controlled by one person or group
*There always numerous groups within an empire, but almost always a dominant and a
subversive/periphery region within it.
͞Empires: How do they do it?͟
What sources of power are commonly used by empires?
→All of the aoe exert doiae as ell as for/resist epires.
A meeting with a person or thing, especially causally or unexpectedly
A meeting of persons or groups that are in conflict or opposition: combat; battle
A meeting by chance
A meeting in conflict
An instance of exposure to something, especially for the first time
Example: Emperor Kangxi (r.1661-1722)
Illustrates not on Kangxi's encounter with Catholicism but his perception of the religion and how
he compared it with his own
Whether or not his interpretations are accurate, his opinions reveal a lot of the kind of person he
"in this Catholic religion, the Society of Peter quarrels with the Jesuits, Bouvet quarrels with
Mariani, and among the Jusuits the Portuguese want only their own nationals in their church while
the French only want theirs"
An act or an instance of giving on e thing and receiving another thing in its place
A place were commodities, securities, etc. are bought and sold
To give and receive in a reciprocal manner (very often, not reciprocal at all, as they can be
accidental in terms of arts, disease etc.)
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