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Romantic ideas: Response to Revolution.
Review: Defeat and Reaction:
Women were now seen as moral and virtuous, a dramatic change in perception.
A repeal of revolutionary legislation.
Napoleonic code: citizenship was only for men and women were suppose to stay
Overview of changing ideas about women:
Bodies: began to realize that womens bodies are different from men. This happened
through the book of anatomy written by Fallipio who discovered ovaries in 1561.
De Lauress discovered that women ovaries fertile not because of orgasm but they
only ovulate once a month. These ideas generated through like women were not
lusty, they might be more moral than men but less sexy than men.
About the thinking-the science of nerves, ability to react emotionally.
Women were seen more nervous that resulted from sensibility. Emotions are
attached to sensibility. Women were also thought to be more emotional and
E.g. Rousseaus Julie in La Nouvelle Heloise:
One of the first book written as a romantic novel. But love is for children not her
husband. A book about a woman who scarified everything for her family.
Romantic Response:
Not about romance. A movement for better life according to the beliefs of sensibility etc.
Four movements:
1.Rational vs. irrational
2.Heroic individual (struggling through fate)- cost of their lives.
3.Against individual freedom speech (persecuted artist)
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