HIS295Y1 Lecture 1: HIS295 Lecture 1

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Published on 18 Apr 2016
What is “Africa”? What is “history”? What is
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The study of the past - human progress/evoluion and achievement. How we came to be - our origins and culture. A narraive in someone"s point of view. How things are deined through diference - cultural, social, poliical. History is the chronological narraive of the past, progress and origins which is meant to forecast evoluion with a lot of repeiion, an understanding of casualies and failures out of collecive memories. There is no single meaning of history. " there are muliple meanings. History as being a total of what has actually happened in the past - every thought, event and acion. Essenially the ime since humans came to earth. History in this sense is the broadest concept that has ever been conceived by humanity. If history is the past, history is also an account of that past. This is the history we ind in books, aricles, etc. In this sense, history can be lost if it is not reconstructed in accounts.

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