Intro to class - 1st hr

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Published on 17 May 2011
Monday, May 16, 2011
Prof. V. Dimitriadis
Lecture 1: Introduction
all materials are on Blackboard (will be available soon)
outline book will help you follow the outline of the lecture
1st term bibliography and tutorial readings
main purpose to help while writing paper
so you can find every book written on topic
you do not have to read them all
tutorial sign up on Blackboard
1-3 readings will do per tutorial
TA will let you know which readings are best
final exam about 3 hrs long
two major papers should fall in line w/questions posted on exam
Munk centre library has all readings - ask for Smithys box
Robarts 4th flr - short term
Pratts also - 2nd best
get the latest edition of the major texts - look at syllabus
What this course is about
events that changed international relations: 9/11
will give you tools to how IR develops and how it started out
why IR works this way
course will try to give you some insights into institutions that work around the world: organizations that set the
target to save humanity
the minute we go over the history we will have a better concept of IR
then we can tackle more important questions like 9/11
you will have the tools so you won’t be manipulated by our own politicians
we will examine how the system developed
we will look at the initial stages of IR
institutions and individuals - crucial roles they played (from brilliant to evil)
the World Wars: it is just as crucial for us to understand the nature of war
we have to study why wars develop / how they come about
war is a complex thing: never can be guaranteed or predicted thus merits a closer study
Focal Point will be Europe - Why?
world in 16th century was dominated by different powers
they were so superior to their neighbours that they rendered IR irrelevant
they did not need to relate to their neighbours as equals
they just bullied their neighbours around
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