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HIS103Y1 Lecture Notes - League Of Nations, Lebensraum

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Vasilis Dimitriadis

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HIS103Y Lecture 39 March 7th.
The Foreign Policy of Nazi Germany
- 1929, Hague, reparation decreased and deadline extended.
o Stresemann, the German Prime Minister, died 1929.
o Succeeded by Adolf Hitler completely different political spectrum
- Hitler hated Russia where Jews and communism dominated
o Advocated military overthrow, violence “Meinkampt”
- Two front war would never threaten Germany since Russia is not a greatest
power anymore due to Bolshevik Revolution
o East European countries were dependent on German aid.
Sandwiched btw Germany and Russia
- Disagreement btw France and Britain gave upper hand to Germany
o Also United States was indebted.
o Brit was pretty much on German side.
- Hitler’s foreign policy
o Germany has to break through the Treaty of Versailles
o War over diplomacy
o Identified Brit as potential opponent
- Hitler’s Dilemma: statecraft or force?
o Broke down statecraft in 4 steps (quite clever)
Stage of concealment
Tried to convince the World that the German is still
willing to continue with Stresemann’s cooperation
LoN in Geneva discussed worldwide disarmament
o Brit felt bad about treaty, proposed disarmament
for both French and Germany. 200,000
Germany already had that amount of
force unofficially, so agreed.
France refused 1933 the proposal of
German soon pulled out from LoN
Stage of limited engagement
Jan 1934 signed peace agreement with Poland
(communist). “Very Surprising”
Showed Hitler is a reasonable
Wanted Nazi Austrian cooperation, but LoN prohibited
German-Austrian cooperation.
o Nazi Austrian stormed into Vienna; But, Coup
d’état was defeated.
o Backfire for Hitler
o Fascist Italy (Mussolini) alarmed at Austrian
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