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HIS103Y Lecture September 14th

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Vasilis Dimitriadis

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HIS103Y Lecture September 14 th Lecture 1: On Statecraft and Strategy • 1991 a perfectly preserved dead body of a man was found on the frozen alps on the Italian and Austrian border – the man was called “Ice Man’ or OTZI • Multiple wounds were found on the frozen man like on his back which was an old arrow wound which the arrow had been removed and evidence of heal was apparent, he was also found in a defensive position as well their was more evidence of previous violence • Most prehistoric man between the ages of 15 and 55 have evidence of violent deaths which indicates that war was part of daily life for most prehistoric men • 2/3 of all prehistoric males where found to have meet their ultimate end violently showing the major role war played during this time and how it was a natural part of daily life • Later history found that only 2% of all males between the ages of 15 and 55 died in conflict between the time period of both world wars • This shows how social standards began to change over time and conflict slowly became a random event of life and not a daily one • As time past the eventual rise of sovereign states lead to a reduced amount of violence within society and brought humanity more security as well as stability • The main function of the sovereign state was to provided its citizens with security and stability • As time passed brought rise again to more centralized governments which took more power and used force more on its own citizens to provided more stability within the nation bring about law and order with in a nation state • The states use of force help provided stability within the nation and thus provided a better means of live for the average citizen • The state system worked more efficiently and thus has triumphed in history as the best organization • The creation of the nation state also brought about the rise of national pride which lead to a rise in outward violence against other nation states and help project future conflicts against other nations • There is no order between n
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