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Lecture 30

HIS103Y1 Lecture Notes - Lecture 30: Eth, Order Of The Defender Of The Realm, Mi5

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Alison Smith

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British empire in India and the great game (Russia and British with Afghanistan in the middle)
The geat gae is a Russia opetitio i otal Asia. It’s ot  ilita ut oe  ap
readers, explorers, spies etc. the British called it the great game, Russians the tournament of
What kind of power was Britain? Was it European? No its more than that.
Interaction of politics and geography. If Britain is looked as only a European power, we see a
state with more liberal politics. Its focused on non-inference. British are comfortable with
hage i Euope. Thee ae a easos fo this attitude. But it’s e eas to at this a
when ur living in an island away from all this. But in reality Britain is not just an island. We see it
as a successful imperial nation. In Asia British India are a continental power.
Idia as the jeel i ipeial Bitai’s o.
1757, battle of Plassey that Clyde won, proving dominance in India. It established itself through
east India company. It uses force of arms and treaties and agreements to gain control. With
India, Britain became more than a naval power, it was a land power as well. In Asia, it has and
army. EIC itself has regiments of European soldiers, but it also has sepoy regiments (Indian
troops) and regiments of British army- 3 types of armed units. This made Britain a land power.
Early 1800, parliament challenges EIC. It wants to break the monopoly of trade and create free
trade. They also think EIC is corrupt. And are ruling brutally with fire power alone and no
politial ode. Bitai at to get Idia ude Ciilsed got.
Gradually EIC is losing control and British govt is starting to assert some control over how it will
be governed. A gov.-general is set to look into political order.
Thee’s a top leel effot to outla speifi paties sati ad all ad fo the otto up
effort to send Christian missionaries to evangelize Hindus and Muslims. They have an aim of
creating brown Englishmen. Transforming Indian society, color and religion.
Aoud 3’s the geat gaes stat. Russias ae aitig to age Tukish “ta oth of
Afghanistan) and Britain pushes north in India. Britain realizes Afghanistan is the buffer land.
When Britain finds out Kabul is holding a Russian leader, British Indian armies invade. It is
uial that the ule of Afghaista is a fied of Idia’s ad defiitel ot a suppote of
Russia. British enter Afghanistan in 1839. British chief diplomat is murdered. 1842, situation so
untenable, the Anglo Indian army with their families escape from Kabul, back to India. Out 16k,
k ae Euopea. Alost all ae killed. Fo hee ou get the te, Afghaista is the
gaead of epies. Russia teaties of afgh. Fail. Bitai igoe afgh. Ad tu ak to Idia.
Indian Mutiny, 1857- the underlying causes of this mutiny are British efforts to transform India
and EIC aim to annex more land, not by treaty nut legit. It’s called a mutiny because it starts at a
time the Indian sepoys revolt against British officers. The rifles they had been given was greased
with animal fat. Rumors devp. That British used fat of cow among Hindu and pig fat for Muslim
was used on purpose. They were made with fat but not on purpose. It was seen as another
effort of Britain to break the religion in India, to break caste and reform society. It escalates into
shooting of officers and sepoys surround British settlements and massacre some of them. In
return the British with some Indian allies, put down the revolt. Takes about a year.
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