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Lecture 5

HIS103Y1 Lecture 5: Lectures 4 & 5

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Vasilis Dimitriadis

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HIS103Y1: Lecture 4 The Transformation & Shift of Focus from the West to the East 25/9/2017
- End of War decline of France
o Would not decide international affairs
o Influence = tarnished; military reputation = destroyed
o Reconsideration of French strateg ho to iproe Frae’s positio
Peace b/t France & Britain will be long-coming
Britain = enemy of state & power, change in Franco-British relatios ≠ epeted
Need to establish viable French navy to challenge Britain
o Britain = non-continental Europe, strongest navy
Reliance on Spanish, new allies during the War
o Loss of France = loss of Spain
Spain loses Cuba to Britain, France recompenses by giving LA
o Combined Franco-Spanish navy could challenge Britain
International stability + reforms at home
French & Spanish saw losses in America and Asia
o British siege Manila (Philippines)
Spaniards promised ransom, British cancelled siege
No $ received bad relations
o Spanish wanted to limit British in South America
Occupy Falcon Islands to limit British ridge
British threatened Spanish: pay ransom & evacuate Falcon Islands;
if not war would ensue
Louis XV ≠ at ore oflit ith Britai
Parisia Parliaet halleged kig’s authorit
o Bourbon monarchy could not and should not be challenged
Nature of moarh halleged / durig the seod half of Louis XIV’s
reign war after war was lost
Stability at home was desired
o Wanted to appease Parliament to get international proposals approved
Louis XV did not agree, fired foreign minister
How to get more $?
Three financial ministers with three different solutions
o Print more $
Downside: inflation
o Increase taxes
Downside: angry taxpayers, potential riots and rebellions
o Borrow more $ + put govt as guarantee
Downside: put reputation of state on the line
Charles Trudaine miscalculated French cost of War, was actually 2.3 billion
The Politics of Warmongering & the Northern System
- Russia rose in the East
o Outcome of the war in the East was independent from French & British influence
Before this, France & Britain had strongest influence in international relations
Frae’s delie Russia’s rise
War’s greatest eefiiar = Britai
Got French territories (including French Canada)
- How to bring back France? D’Aiguillo’s pro-British policy
o Rapprochement b/t France & Britain
3 greatest European courts Prussia, Austria, & Russia no longer care about French opinion
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