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Lecture 2

HIS103Y1 Lecture Notes - Lecture 2: Protestantism

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Vasilis Dimitriadis

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September 13
Lack of strength that leads to dominance, because not one nation has ruled the world. Europe
colonies… NO, different states come to power. English, French, German etc.
States divided by language, rivers, parts or religion, mountains. Balance. These states will
balance each other.
Charles V knew the larger the empire was the more enemies it would have. Protestant
reformation. Died in 1558, Habsburg family. Italy and Spain. Independent rulers.
The change of religion, christianity. HOLY ROMAN EMPIRE. What was it, 222 Principalities,
Dukedoms that made up the Empire.
8 largest vote and the winner is always Austrian Habsburg. Which was more of a state, unit,
where different groups cooperated.
Wars Of Religion?
30 Years war.
New Roman emperor is elected. Catholic. Some catholics, in bohemia (czech republic) Storm
the town hall and throw the catholics out the window literally. Leads to conflict, and leads to
army and Europe fear that Catholics and protestants are both gaining power. Sweden leads a
war when french man enters an alliance with Sweden against Habsburg. He thinks of France as
an entity, regardless of the leader and fate of the leader. Reason of state. (Reason des tat)
20 million to 12 million, 8 million died, fled, etc. Armies had nothing great back then, once it
would pass the land they would have to scavenge for food. No food, starvation death.
Peace of westphalia. Question at the time is how to prevent the Austrian Habsburg from taking
over all of the Roman Empire. It is to set new boundary and enhance the independence of all of
the other parts of the empire. The Habsburg will not be willing to change protestant to Catholic.
Convention and tradition of westphalia result in emergence and popularity of states. State exists
in and for itself. That a state had interests because of religion and morrow.
1648, Look it up more. Germany is a region not a state yet. “Does not exist yet”
Wars Of Glory?
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