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Topic 4 - 18th Century balance of power 1720s-30s Topic 4 - 18th Century balance of power 1720s-30s

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Vasilis Dimitriadis

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Topic Four
18th Century Balance of Power
Anglo-French Entente
-- Regent Orleans, Dubois, George I, Stanhope; Bernstroff (Hanover)
-- England & Hanover:
-- Undercut Jacobites;
-- Exert pressure on Russia, whose aggression alarmed George as the Elector of Hanover;
-- Prussia and Russia were close, Austria was occupied by the Turks; if France was not on England’s
side, Hanover would be dangerous;
-- France:
-- Secure Orleans’ position;
-- France was weak as needed support;
-- Legacy:
-- Maintain the balance of power and peace in Europe for 15 years;
-- prevent Austro-Spanish conflict into a European war;
The Quadruple Alliance (1717-1720)
-- The Triple Alliance (B, F, D);
-- Austria joined, and gave up claims in Spain; the settlement was forced on Spain;
-- Ended with the Treaty of Vienna;
The war of Polish Succession
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