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HIS103Y!: Lecture on: The French Revolutionary Wars: Part Two

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Denis Smyth

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HIS 103: Statecraft and Strategy The French Revolutionary Wars: Part Two November 18, 2009 - French made “the order of march” - columns n/ rows of battle lines - Lazare Carnot’s orders to troops “act offensively and in mass and pursue the enemy until he’s utterly destroyed” - wars became more savage n/ nearly as polite - Hondeschoote gen. raised the siege of Dunkirk - Wattignes French under Jourdan led French to victory at Battle of Cholet - 1793 - 15, 16, 17 October (indicative of French not letting enemy) - Austrians were shot at from hidden French positions and then battered from 4 sides by French columns - 19 September 1793  recapture of Toulon 6 June 1794 French invadedAustrian Netherlands & stormed towards Dutch Republic - Allies contributed to French re-emergence by their disunity & overconfidence - Brits sent troops to West Indies to - Eastern powers too busy partitioning Poland in 1795 - the powers diverted their forces & attention elsewhere from French = RESULT: critical breathing space - when Catherine II realize Russia not getting Brit subsidies, refused to send troops - Prussians, as a result of Fleurus, decided to do a deal w/ French - 5 April 1795, Prussia came to terms w/ French Republic & made Peace by the Treaty of Basle - seeded left bank of Rhine - Spaniards made peace in 1795 Basle = July 1795 - now French free to concentrate on “real” enemies = Britain &Austria - Austrians = main target of French war effort in 1796 - w/ t
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