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Brief point form chronology of events of the Seven Years War, Nine years war and the diplomatic revolution

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Alison Smith

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Seven Years War (part II)
x &][µÀoÁ}voÇµÇZ]u]o]Çµ
x His exploits were to become influential on warfare at the time
x The British decided to invest in the Prussian cause based on the battle of Leuthen
x An annual sum of 670, 000 pounds would be paid to Frederic by the British
x vuÇ}(}À]}vÁ}µo}ZWµ][Áv(ovl
x ]&][(}(&vvµ]&]]ooZ}(ZZµ]vZ
x &][}v(]voZ]u}underestimate his enemy
x dZ]}À}v(]vÁ}µoo}&][(
x Frankfurt was lost to the Russian invaders
x 12th August 1759- Battle of Kunersdorf
x Despite initial bombardment, Prussia could not penetrate the Russian flank
x Barely 3000 Prussians escaped the battle
x Frederic was devastated by this defeat
x dZ]o}u]À}]}vu}Wµ][]
x The newly united enemies were not able to follow up with another offensive, this allowed
Frederic to fight another day
x Frederic would make a comeback in 1760
x Gradual Prussian attrition would slow its war progress
x Frederic became pessimistic about his survival once more. A change in British government
would reduce his aid from Britain
x 5th of January 1762- Elizabeth of Russia died, changing Russian foreign policy
x Peter III, on the 5th }(DÇíóòîU}oo}(Zµ][P]vvoÇ}µ}(
admiration for Frederic
x ,o}}vZo(}(Zµ][uÇ}&]
x Peter was assassinated, and replaced by Catherine the Great
x Russian troops were recalled from Prussian command
x The war was slipping into a stalemate
x The treaty of Paris 10th Feb 1763 ended the Seven Years War
The Diplomatic Revolution
x Growing military technology meant an international stalemate.
x War and territorial gain were essentially limited on the international scale.
x War would be expensive and would yield little profit.
x Frederick II was the current menace to world peace.
x Despite being a menace, Frederick was very restrained.
x &]l[µ}(^]o]Á]}v]]vZis sense.
x This subjective element was the more unstable one.
x &]l[ÁÀÇÀµovo}vZP}-political map.
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