notes from lecture - fairly detailed

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30 Nov 2010
Louis worked to get land to north and east - used marriage to Spanish
princess but all of his allies turned against him in order to try and stop
the war of evolution
Louis wanted to get glory - compelled by 3 states to come to terms
with Spanish
Dutched medled in Louis affairs and personally insulted him -
so he wanted to teach them a lesson = dutch war
Economics had become very important by this point in the
warfare/international conflict - The French were doing quite well since
Louis had come to power (by improving the taxation, taxing even more
people (nobility and church), mercatilistic view but no matter what the
French did b/c world trade was limited (dutch merchant shipping - held
every big financial center, banks - dutch always benifited from French
sales) therefore they wanted to start an economic competition (dutch
had to pay to bring anything into france) but that didn’t work because
the dutch had a much more sophisticated system
French most important export was wine and brandy but the
dutch just stopped buying it from them
1672- “must make the dutch trade our own trade” = take
over the entire dutch state = convergence of two French
interests (economically and personally)
first he set out three objectives: (did all 3 things)
isolated the dutch - louis signs defencive alliance with 3
germanic states which barred entry of the habsbergs to come
to the aid of the dutch, lorraine (French reoccupied after
evacuating after war of evolution) - circled the dutch with
allies or people paid off, louis gave support to the muslim
turks to attack habsbergs so that even if they wanted to help
they would be occupied
break up the triple alliance - bribed the other states (Swedish
and English (george the 2nd who secretly admired louis))
secret treaty of dover between French and English (charles
becomes a pensioner of louis, Charles agrees to become
catholic from protestant again for more money and soldiers)=
this isolates the dutch
improve French army so that it was far superior - 120,000
feb.1672 - dutch realize whats going on and they try to improve
their own army - too little way too late
o English attack dutch at the end of march
o 3 weeks later the French join and launch a major offensive
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