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Lecture 10

HIS103Y1 Lecture 10: wars of the coalitions

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Vasilis Dimitriadis

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Lecture 10
War of the 3rd coalition - 1803-1806
War of 4th: 1806-7
5th: 1809
6th: 1812-1814
End of war of 2nd coalition - 1802
Napolean appears on the scene and france has gained a lot
Napolean is Consul for life (a monarch)
o Poems and songs about napolean
o Becomes one name
Domestic power and war
Post war- political and legal reform and economic reorganization by Napolean (napoleanic code for
legal system)
Stress that napoleans power comes from WAR
During peace - "each day of peace = lessens victory"
3rd coalition war - 1803
Blockade europe
Try to prevent goods being imported and exported to continental europe
Napolean prepares to invade britain
o Sends armies to french coast and fell trees to build boats - cross-channel invasion
o Problems with cross channel invastion:
Water unpredictable
Defended by royal navy
Needs preparation
Pipp the younger is in charge - tried to build up coalition (not formal alliances) - to get forces
to join britain
Austrians enter
o Fear napolean
o Don’t like that he's in italy
o Join britain
o Mobilize troops - takes time to prepare
Napolean recognizes threat of 2 front war so moves to strike quick at austrians
Plan: invade austria and take vienna
1805 - epic battle off coast of spain
o Trafalgar:
Ends any chance french can cross the channel - no fleet to destroy navy
Also enables british to step up blockade of continent (=strong british navy)
o Now clear that napoleans war is limited to continental europe (not british isles)
Has to cancel invasion
o All troops ready to invade now filter into austria
o Russians enter war
o Napolean was a genius at "big battles" - not smaller wars
o Destroys austrian and russians (this is one battle!)
Asutrian and russians sue for peace
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