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Lecture 7

HIS103Y1 Lecture 7: American war for independence - western europe and N. America - 1760s

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Vasilis Dimitriadis

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Lecture 7
American war for independence - western europe and NA - 1760s
France left NA - 1760s - France is off the continent (Lost louisiana to spain)
Enormous growth of british territory in NA
How can they manage this and the people?
o British subjects (from Britain) + indigenous people living there already
o Now they also have 80,000 french canadians, roman catholic - used to different style of law
Can't just ship these people out - too big of a job to run the land
o Now also responsible for the ohio river valley - dueling interests there
o **overall - now huge swath of land to look after + lots of people
Leads to 1st collapse
London tries to force colonists to pay
They question it and reject their place in british empire
1763 - proclamation
o Point: buy time for British
Pontiac launches rebellion
Station 10,000 troops from Britain because colonists wont organize for their own defense
After 7 yrs war - expensive
Taxes go up in britain
Colonies were lightly taxed (in NA)
Tried to raise taxes in 1764 - "revenue act"
o AKA the sugar act - tax on molasses (always was a tax but had never been enforced…
lowered the tax but actually enforced it)
o British Navy patrolled to make sure taxes paid
o Is it fair for colonists to pay tax to britain?
No MPs
1765 stamp act
o Really a tax on paper - if you buy paper (newspaper, legal docs, etc) - have to buy a stamp
that shows you paid tax on the paper
o Americans hate it = mob violence
Offices destroyed, etc
Very unpopular
o Repealed in 1766 - opposition is very strong
Knew they would either need to enforce with armed force (difficult/expensive) or
But still committed to raising money for Britain - need troups
1765 - mutany act
o Compels colonies (assemblies - groups of colonies) to provide lodging (barracks, etc) to
british troops - who will defend colonies ----- but also will ensure tax is collected
o Essentially get colonies involved in financially supporting enforcement of their own taxation
- boo.
o Unpopular
1770 boston massacre
o 5 bostonians shot
o Worry of americans that more violence
Lord north and his government
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