21 Apr 2012
HIS103Y1: Lecture Three. Title: The Legacy of the Thirty Years War and the
Peace (Treaty) of Westphalia
Looking at how diplomacy can be achieved through negotiation. War through
Could best be achieved through an international organization, that remains
unbiased. What these states hope to achieved.
October 24th, 1684. Watershed ??
So how one treaty attain all of this?
It is following rules that are still practiced today. Every major decision must be
signed on an international basis.
- E.g. The War between the Koreas.
- Any international conflict was resolved with a major international
- Precedent set by Peace Treaty of Westphalia (1648)
- Peace Treaty of Westphalia = “watershed” (event/period marking a turning
point in course of action/state of affairs)
Also important because territory borders lasted for 150 years
- Europe thanks Treaty Westphalia for obtaining goals, diplomacy
Ensured stability state system
- 30 Years War preceded Treaty Westphalia
More devastating than WWII
German population suffered casualties of: 15 M people, 5 M died; 1/3 total
European population died
- Why so brutal? 2 factors
1) schism/separation/breakdown church into Protestant & Catholic
2) Military technology/revolution: gunpowder. The introduction of
The Thirty Years War- Proportionately speaking more devastating than WW2. Even
more brutal.
- 17 Century Europe: indulgence widespread (what guaranteed people into
Heaven by pope; indulgence was sold during Middle Ages)
- Martin Luther questioned unacceptable conduct of the church: Questioning
of the morality of the church, the means of income the church obtained it’s
funding. The notion of buying a passport to Heaven?
- Luther said there exists no reason for God-man relationship. Luther is
declared a heretic
- The chasm of the Church. The breakdown of the Church Protestant and
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