Topic 4

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21 Apr 2012
HIS103Y1: Lecture Four.
- Treaty of Westphalia: Ensuring the stability of the member states.
- Resulting in the fields of International Relations and Politics becoming
- The Pope lost his powers; the Princes of the German states were given his
- Spain and Austria were committed to remaining separated as part of the
- Aided the establishment of permanent borders as well as political ranking in
- France emerged with diplomatic clout:
Largest and most populous country in Western Europe- 19 to 20 Million.
3rd Largest country in the world in terms of population.
Developed a centralized bureaucracy, as well as being one of the richest.
Largest army: Raised upto 400,000-500,000 men.
- France also had a young and ambitious Prince: Louis XVI who came to power
in 1616; created his own desires and will.
Aware of the importance of “gloire” – Prestige, Honor.
Considered the apex of French society; wanted to have France known as that
throughout Europe. He also wanted to demonstrate the power of Versailles
1665. The creation of his own power base.
Wanted to show the world, that France was the most powerful state:
Through War.
- Major characteristic of his state/foreign policy: Aggression.
The desire to further raise his status and prestige through this tactic.
Also, his desire to increase the security of France.
- However, after reigning for 55 years his foreign policy evolved.
- Inherited a good state from Mazarin: Internationally as well as nationally.
France had a number of allies Dutch, English.
20 states in the Empire had key links to France.
- France remained at war until 1659 with the Spanish.
Until the signing of the Treaty of the Pyreenes, where he gained land and a
- 4 Border areas to consider: Coastline, remained a major concern for France,
considering it was mainly a landpower.
- Spanish border southern border Italian border Spanish Netherlands
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