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Lecture 5

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Alison Smith

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Louis XIV and the Dutch War.
The Dutch has recruited England and Sweden to veto the French annexation of
Spanish Netherlands
French wanted to isolate Dutch from her allies
Charles II re-pledged his allegiance to the Catholic Church in France.
Charles II saw the financial subsides from France as a source of independent income
away from the Royal court in return for military aid in an attack of Dutch Republic.
But ultimately, the amount given by France was not even enough to support the
deployment of England’s troops, thus making Charles II on the losing end of the
June 1670 treaty of Dover- full engagement of Dutch republic
Attack of Dutch maritime trade and blockage of naval trade and landing on Dutch
land by sea.
England which was once Dutch ally, was now her enemy
In the spring of 1672, Swedish ensured that they will stay neutral in any arising
conflicts, thus isolating Dutch from her old allies
Louis XIV also managed to convince some German princes to aid his conquest, thus
opening another route to attack the Dutch Republic, without going through Spanish
April 1672, France declared hostility against Netherlands. Before that, they had been
in a state of denial of France’s strategy and tactics against them.
In the war, the Dutch fought back with everything they have, including using the
forces of nature, eg. Flooding of their agricultural lands to stop the France
Dutch cries to the rest of Europe, was that France attack was not only an attack on
Dutch Republic, but also that of the whole Europe.
Change the nature of the war from just a bilateral war into massive war that threaten
the balance of power
11 April 1677, at mount Cassel, the allied forces was routed
1674, the treaty of Dover was cancelled
10 August 1678, Franco Dutch treaty was signed, four days later William III attacked
Spanish Netherlands. The French ignored the attacked by the Dutch and kept to the
peace treaty.
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