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Vasilis Dimitriadis

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Basic principles shape and force international relations
State purpose To fight for its own survival and to maintain the political identity
Not the democracy or dictator…its OWN survival
National security and interest
Security = immediate well-being of state
Old society = Land military
Technology change = cyberspace, air force = protect the air
Interest = long term well-being of the state
Plan for the future to make its own foreign policy
2 ways -
Diplomacy negotiations over common interest or conflict
Deterrence - if the other state does this, make consequences outweighs benefits
You have to do it if you said you would, otherwise no one will take you seriously
Best solution = Diplomacy - Less finances and costs of destruction
LAST ACTION A STATE CAN RESERVE TO - Apply full military force...WAR
To destroy everything of the other state
WAR can never be guaranteed that the sought after results will be given
No matter how much you dominate
i.e. US vs Iraq
US = dominant but did not achieve the goals and the war and still on…entire Middle East vs US
If you have the wrong strategy, you will end up a can never guarantee a war 100%
War can be the biggest gamble and most politicians will say this is the best solution
Take into consideration
ideological, cultural, religious aspects
Ethical and moral codes
Limit the usage of weapons
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