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HIS103Y1 Lecture Notes - Triple Alliance (1717), Tsarina, Ivan Vi Of Russia

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Vasilis Dimitriadis

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Alliances - 1716 Dutch and Britain - border/fortresses along Low Countries
Quadruple Alliance p.115
Complete the work of Peace of Utrecht and of Triple Alliance (1717)
Austria and Spain did not agree to Utrecht
Austria joined QA Britain, France, Spain
HRE = 3 kingdoms
Italy - Utrecht gave territories to Sovoy to sustain balance of power
There were 2 claims to the Austrian throne
Bavaria and Saxony - long shot to the throne
2nd ranked states = no major international crisis
Theresa had sympathy of all great powers pity = diplomatic support
16th Dec 1740 - Prussia - 2nd ranked state - SURPRISE attack Silesia (northern province of Austria)
Initiated War of Austrian Succession
Prussia just recently gained the title of a kingdom - wanted to preserve state and build powerful army
Start conflict and challenge the status quo and Germanic land and major powers - Europe CRISIS
Prussia never matched Austria in diplomacy and military
Challenge the leader of the HRE/Habsburg. = inconceivable
Uncle = Charles VI Saved him from death beatings by father
Expected to undo the work of his father
80k soldiers/2.5 million people...larger army than France (proportion)
Prussia was a joke An army with a state
Fred - Scattered territories Needed expansion for lack of stability and fear of being attacked
“If we can do it by honesty, do it, if we can do it by cheating, do it
No virtue and regard for balance of power
Assessed the international situation Window of opportunity for Prussia
If we don’t act we will never be able to break out from territorial confinement
Opportunity for Frederick to challenge Austrian throne
Austria on the ropes financially - no money = no army
Russia Tsaritsa Anna died No leader/foreign policy - Ivan VI (pro-Austrian) = minor p.162
Britain vs. France NA Both want alliance with Prussia
Britain wants Hanover (next to Brandenburg-Prussia)
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