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Published on 21 Sep 2012
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Identify and give the significance
Metternich Austria FM 1809-1848
– led the Concert of Europe - restoration
– dominate within German Confederation
Castlereagh – British FM
- led concert of Europe
- reduced France to its natural frontiers - Treaty of Chaumont
- Did not allow Alexander to make Paris a puppet of Russia
Talleyrand Rep France in C.o.V
3 January 1815 secret treaty with Metternich and Castlereagh
Defensive alliance to use force if necessary to "repulse aggression" (of Russia and Prussia) and to
protect the "state of security and independence".
- Ended anti-France coalition.
Louis XVIII – Reigned 1815-24
Was not treated to harsh punishments and respected
The Polish-Saxon Question
If Saxony gone - double frontier of Austria vs. Prussia
Russian pose a threat, Galicia (Austria) and Vienna and Berlin. Russia wanted
independence of A and P
Castlereaugh tried to prevent this
A,P,R deal - Prussia would support Russias pursuit of Poland
if Russia would support Prussia's bid for Saxony. Russia = feared as arbiter
Talleyrand, from defeated France, allied with Metternich and Castlereagh in secret.
Alexander backed down, accepting a small share of Poland. With Alexander satisfied, Prussia lost
its ally in negotiations, and only was able to obtain a small area of Saxony.
The Holy Alliance – Metternich counter to revolutions and democracy R,
A, P
Neo-Holy Alliance = after Britain refuses
2. Why was Napoleon removed from power in France?
3. Which powers dominated Europe in the years immediately following
4. What was the objective of the Vienna system?
Establish new balance of power by suppressing France and maintaining
peace with great powers, prevent revolutions and maintain status quo
Britain dominated navally without limits
Did not deal with nationalism directly
Spanish, Naples, Greece
5. What defined the foreign policy of the following countries after 1815?
Austria Russia
Great Britain France
6. How did the threat of Revolution affect the foreign policies of the
Great Powers after 1815?
7. What was the Eastern Question?
Diplomatic and political problems upon decay of Ottoman Empire.
Russia was in search to control Black Sea and trade through the
Mediterranean and block other nations and had the keys to protect
Christians in Turkey.
Austria – enemy of Otto but Russia as arbiter = worse, so I favour of
keeping the empire together and avoiding nationalism in Austria
Britain wanted to save b.o.p w/o fall of ottoman empire