9 yr war spanish succession

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Published on 28 Apr 2011
9 yrs war and Spanish succession:
Treaty of Nymegen -
1st time to use French for negotiations (not latin)
screwed everyone but the Dutch and French
-French - revoke rights of protestants and don’t help against turks
(antagonized continent) - what prompted the next thing was actually
Louis concern over the safety of the french state
-want to shut last gate across rhine that could give Austrians access to
france - begins 9 yr war when they run across the border
brings about a new focal point for the French foreign policy -
sees germans as main threat shift to see that the rise English
were a serious threat
conflict btwn france and Britain last 100yrs
british also shift away from dutch
always trying to balance
balance of power btwn the 3 states and france - see for the
first time the general rise of other great powers (dutch,
Austria/germany, english)
shows important role of economics in war
French objectives:
o national security - protecting bridges over the rhine river
o hope to divide Austrian forces and alleviate pressures on
ottoman empire
William of Orange = anti-french coalition (later became king of
9yrs war ended up being a good military move but a terrible move
otherwise b/c no one liked him any more
Louis supports James (catholic wanna-be king of england)
Everyone wanted William of Orage to be in England so that the
English could join the anti-french (religion didn’t really matter,
catholic (pope, holy roman emperor, support protestant coup-de-
o Coup-de-taut was easy
o Whenver the state borrowed money they always payed back
with the interest ( cant say the same about france)
1694 - establishment of bank of English (from then on the british
financed all wars until WW1)
Grand alliance wont sign peace treaty and decides to try and fully
demolish france
French had a huge army (lubugua?...) but it was not technologically
advanced (ex. Muskets)
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