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2 Apr 2012
Final Exam Question.
Drawing on material from both lecture and readings, explain the significances of the following three
moments of history of gender race and science. Late 18th, late 19th and early 20th, and mid 20thc
Aim for internal coverage (tell the story of gender race and science form the 3 points in time)
External - ….
Part one:
currently interest in history of eugenics
Overview of eugenics and genetics
Dis-interested science
Part two
Uplift and assimilation
o Settlement house movement and sociology
There is a tremendous interest in eugenics now
We live in a moment right now were we manipulate life
o Harvest eggs
o Cloning
o Stem cells
o Pre-natal screening
o Ovary arm transplants
o Organ transplants
o Biotechnology
Discussion about designer babies
This is why there is a current interest
New technologies allow an ever-increasing number of people to become parents
But likewise allow these same parents to pre-screening offspring for particular traits
Using stats and surveys matching people (eharmony)
But current science and tech not inherently eugenic
Difference: most of the contemporary genetic engineering and biotech framed language of
individual market choice
Not state project of purification
More like bio consumerism
But other possibilities loom…
A private insurance companies could require pre-natal genetic testing
Sterilization debates continue regarding welfare recipients; example: recent British proposal to
temporarily sterilize teens
Overview of eugenics
Eugenics as term coined 1883
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