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Sept 28

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Dana Philpott

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September 28
Congress of Vienna Quadruple Alliance, Holy Alliance
oone to pin down Fr, one to make sure Rev would never spread
intell ectual b a c klash also result ed
c e ntury and a h alf or 2, theolo gic al b a cklash
emergenc e of co n servatism and romanticism
Co n servatism must preserve society!
otherwise wo uld result in chaos an d blo o d shed
preserve previo u s social structure, the g o o d of society, the well-establish trades, customs an
traditio n s an d n aturally the well-established hierarchy
In theory
Enligh tenment
oFrench Revolutio n
oCo n servatism
Joesp h d e Maistre
oalon g the same ideolo gies of Burke b u t there are some major differenc e s
also arg u ed that FR was a n egative oc c ur r enc e that bro u g h t in such an u p h e a v
for the population d estroy ed well-established traditio n s
customs and traditio n s are g o o d and we sh o uld h old o n to them
FR at t a cked thro n e an d alt ar 2 most imp ortant pillars of Fr
any ti me a revolutio n ary mo v ement tries to u n d ermine o n e or b o th, than
naturally it is inevit able that yo u will en d u p wit h a dictatorship an d a
reign of terror
to av oid such d estruction and loss of life every society must h old o n an d
preserve b o th of these insti t utio n s
thro n e just as imp ortant b e c a use it is the b rain of e a c h society that offers socie
to all of society

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revolutionary ideology must be denounced!!
Throne and altar
Edmond Burke
osupported t he American Revolutionaries and social progress, supported the Irish
Catholics [argues in Br Parl that they needed to be given a better deal]
oin 1790: a friend asked him to pen his opinion on the FR and to pass a judgement on
years development his response shocked his liberal colleagues and friends
he wrote: denounced the entire rev (Amer or Fr?) in the most vehement and
straightforward manner no if or but
nothing positive in the Revolution
argued for the method of social changes the Rev, like the Fr one, would alway
lead to the potential for a tremendous bloodletting and carnage and ultimately
the stage for a dictatorship
this was almost an entire decade before Napoleon his brilliance was
clearly showing where the FR would go
reason is an abstract concept because every individual has a different standard
you cant universalize reason [depended on class, education, etc and since mo
people lacked this [esp education] it was impossible)
instead of a revolutionary movement we have to go back to traditions- to
dont have to have a reason
slow, gradual change without altering entire social and class structure an
the political landscape
by t he time he came out, he was denounced by all his colleagues who claimed
was a secret Catholic
a decade af ter his critics agreed that he was right
not about stopping change but swallowing change and going on with a health
Reflections on the Revolution in France
Private property
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