Sept 30

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14 Dec 2010
September 30
Revolution of the 1820s
5 years after Congress of Vienna, a whole waves of revolutions broke up beginning January 1,
oin every single case, the reason for the rev always went back to liberalism and nationalism
[ideas that began with FR]
oin some of the revolutions, you find both of these causes
in 1815 they had thought they had created a bullet proof system that would guard against any
Congress of Vienna
Quadruple Alliance
Holy Alliance
Balance of Power
The French Experience (Joseph Bonaparte)
Ferdinand VII
odidnt follow the same path as Louis XVIII
didnt recognize constitution brought into Spain by Napoleon when he took over
the Spanish throne and established his brother Joseph as ruler
gave them freedom of speech, religion, press; limiting role of church;
distributed land
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ohe promised he would recognize this but they minute he was given back his power, he
dismissed Sp government (cortes) and had no intention to respect the constitution
obrought back church, re-established privileges of Sp aristocracy
ono middle course, extreme right
satisfied needs of church and aristocracy
hunted down all Napoloeonic supporters
ocompounded by developments in Latin America
colonies of Spain were also given freedom, elevated to same status as the mother
country, adn these colonies having seen how the constitution is discarded
although and having seen the results of the FR and the success of the AR, they
demanded representation and above all independence from Sp
ohe decided to use the army however many army officers agreed with N, the
constitutions and the idea that colonies should have a voice
nevertheless the orders were that they send military units across the ocean
one ship rebelled – didnt want to fight for an unjust cause and an unjust system
[absolutist monarchy] or face malaria in the jungles
objectives of rebellion: overthrow Ferdinand VII
ofrom then on this rebellion becomes part of parcel of Sp troubles
othis rebellious units puts out their proclamation (overthrow king)
army sides with this unit
so it was only a matter of time before it spread across Sp
oFerdinand had no choice but to accept it adopt constitution and the liberties provided in
it [leaving nationalized lands in hands of those who bought them, a series of freedoms,
oonly accepted them under military duress and he pleaded for help from other absolutist
ofor the moment, however, the rebellion seemed to have succeeded – liberal government
created and would rule over Sp for the next 3 years
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