Liberal Europe Pt. 2.

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15 Dec 2010

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Liberal Europe Pt. 2
The Paris Commune: divided working class and socialists into 2 parts: one
continuing with idea of Marxism, and other were anarchists, denouncing Marxists
attempts and centralized social system
-they employed Anarchist means to achieve their objective through terrorism and
assassinations, yet they were labelled as Marxists
-there were social intellectuals who saw no need in violence, as it will destroy the
movement itself, and decided to follow a path through negotiations
-Marxists themselves divided: some thought they should continue with violent
overthrow of system, while others thought they should concentrate on educating
workers and lower classes and start demanding more social system in that
-argued to create a political system that was least divisive
-tried hard to distance himself and republicans from Paris commune
-By 1873, 2 years after defeat of commune, conseratives fired Thiers and
appointed conservative present and sought to achieve their goal since 1848: the
re-establishment of French monarchy (Third Republic)
-Compte de Chambord demanded throne for himself
-Compte de Paris also sought thrown
-After 2 years, they came to compromise that Compte the Chambord, Bourbon
member, to rule over France
-since he was hold it was expected he would pass away, and Compte the Paris
would quickly take over
-based on stubbornness Chambord wanted to also get rid of all symbols of
republicanism; he was crowned as king of France under tri-colour flag of France
(symbol of French revolution)
-he wanted the simple white flag
-France never gained a new monarchy
-lost potential thrown because he stood up on issue of flag!
-conservatives still wanted a conservative leadership; they brought in new
president: Marchal Macmahon
-one of his main goals was to defeat commune
-thought he still has a right to rule over France as a president (Chambord took a
while to pass away)
-president given equal power to parliament: now we have con. Parliament, and
con. President
-cons. Tried to manipulate system and bring back conservative monarchy
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