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HIS241 October 25 Kristen Young
o Experience, tradition and history are what matters within society
o Society and government deserve respect because they have evolved through history
and therefore are products of historical development
o Change or reform must happen gradually and consider history and national tradition
o Attacked the French Revolution and the philosophies of the Enlightenment
Burke insisted that there could be and sometimes should be change but it had to occur
o Natural, gradual and part of an organic development
o Long term survival depends on the practical needs of experience
Emphasis on the individual and individual rights was nonsense
o There was no separation between the individual and society
o The individual is part of the collective society
The individuals who made up society were bound because society is bigger than them
o Is an organism that has evolved over centuries
Rejected established religion
The catholic church was one of the solidifying links in society
Church and state had to work together
o The pope was the most supreme authority
Hereditary monarchy should be restored as the only 'legitimate' rule
2 influential conservative arguments
1. Emphasis on historical conditioning of social institutions
2. All social institutions are shaped historically
Reaction against the Enlightenment thinking as they understood it
Passion and emotion are truer to the human nature and therefore they are over reason
and intellect
o Should lead with the heart not the head
Embraced the middle ages because it was the reverse of what 'modern society' was for
o Saw the middle ages as a time when people had security and a sense of belonging
o Faith took precedence over reason
National distinctiveness was rooted in nature
Created a spirit of national distinctiveness of the people
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