HIS242H1 Lecture Notes - Stephen Frears, Zadie Smith

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Published on 17 Apr 2013
Demographic Transformation: Migrants, Immigrants, and New Generations, 1950s-
Dirt Pretty Things, dir. Stephen Frears (U.K. 2002)
Reproducing a sense of otherness
Ostracising immigrants to Europe.
Germany had become a bit of a multicultural country
More relaxed, tolerant and richer in the experience
The nature of Europe being Homogenous never really held true.
The historic movement of Europeans moved out of Europe
Population of movement in Europe, think of the empires, Ottoman, Russian etc
Before WW1 these were empires of swirling languages
There were important populations of Muslims in Europe
Miniature population movements began before WW2.
Nazis used population movements as form of control
In 1950’s there was a vast movement change
From south to north (from Italy, Yugoslavia to East Germany or Portugal to France)
East to West movements, large numbers of East Germans moved West.
From north Africa to France, to many African countries moving to Europe
Some of the Economic movement was from the notion of temporary migrant labout.
Was used to inspire a significant movement of workers that guest workers would be
encouraged to move for work on agriculture or the economy.
Guest workers were generally young men, would come work, then move back home
and bring the money home.
Some of them stayed but some brought or made families in the country they worked
The contribution they made for the labour and economy to the country they worked
Most labourers were crucial in many country because before the war the brith rate
was extremely low
Rebuilding or economic movement required a lot of workers or labourers
10’s of thousands of Italian workers were brought to Belgium to bring their mines
back to life.
1950s: Over the next 10 years the West German government signed agreements
with European countries such as Greece, Portugal, and Spain etc. to move to W.
Germany as guest workers.
Many of these movements were from former colonies or current colonies.
In the 1960s 1969: 600,000 Algerians left Algeria for France. But that number was
stil small from all the European workers that moved to France.
1951: Immigration and Government encouraged more people from the Caribbean to
Britain (mainly Barbados) about 15,000
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