HIS242H1 Lecture Notes - Trans-Siberian Railway, House Of Romanov, July Crisis

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16 Oct 2011

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Post War Crisis- trans European (all Europe, all society)
- End of WW1 brings desire for democracy and “self determination”
- Mazerick (at independence hall in Philly) proclaims Czech
independence. Czechs kept this democracy until 1938, success story of
the PPC)
- League of Nations- new framework for international relations badly
needed (July Crisis). Wilsonian plans are a failure in the long run.
- New national states emerge in poor circumstances (socio-political
chaos). Little wars begin, revolution, civil war, economic collapse,
disease (Spanish Flu kills 20-40 million), famine
- Military and political movements conflicted. Governing crises from
Germany eastward
- Conflicts brought on by ethnic nationalism, communism, democracy
- Russian Civil War- 1918-20- Bolsheviks have numerous enemies
(Monarchists, aristocracy, Middle Class, Military officers, Church,
Moderate socialists, Russian nationalists)
- Private property is abolished, churches are destroyed and bourgeoisie
- Versailles nullifies German gains at Brest-Litovsk
- Ukraine- German backed Skoropadsky succeeds in a coup, Kiev becomes
the centre of anti-Bolshevism.
- Nov 1917- Finland becomes independent of Russia (also has a Red vs
White civil war)
- Azerbaijian, Armenia secede. Cossacks resist Bolsheviks
- Spring 1918- Bolsheviks pushed back by Tsarist generals (aided by
Allies, $, troops, ammo)
- 180,000 foreigners in Russia (Czechs numerous and effective- sieze
Trans-Siberian Railway
- Romanov family is burned by Bolsheviks and they fight outwards after
losing serious territory. France is pushed out of Sevastopol and Odessa
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